Current residents

Portfolio - Current Residents - Bioimmunate


Bioimmunate Ltd. (BI), founded in 2014, is a medical device company with a unique precision blood-filtering technology for treating autoimmune diseases, designed to be used in existing filtration machines such as dialysis. The company’s platform technology is initially focused on the treatment of multiple sclerosis (MS). The company’s filters contain particles that are able to recognize, capture and remove MS-related cells from the blood, to prevent them from migrating to the brain and causing further damage to the central nervous system.


Dr. Sigalit Carmel Founder and CEO
Dr. Shimon Shteingart VP R&D
Dr. Hadar Amartely R&D Director
Mr. Omri S. Alfassy M.Sc, R&D Engineer, Manager 
Dr. Elza Snir Senior Scientist
Dr. Sandrine Benhamron Senior Scientist  

Portfolio - Current Residents - Pepticom


Pepticom Ltd. founded in 2011, is focused on the discovery of novel peptide-drug candidates. Pepticom’s key asset is a unique Artificial Intelligence platform for peptide design, based on the target's solved crystal structure. Pepticom operates in various markets, generating innovative binding peptides for diverse targets. Past successful discoveries include active molecules in metabolic diseases, Alzheimer's disease and Immunomodulators.


Dr. Immanuel Lerner CEO
Dr. Amit Michaeli Co-Founder and CTO
Dr. Maayan Elias Robicsek Business Development Officer
Dr. Shaul Mezan Chief Biologist
Ms. Guila Assayag Scientist

Portfolio - Current Residents - Nectin


Nectin Therapeutics, established by Integra Holdings in 2017, is dedicated to the development of next generation immuno-oncology antibodies. The company's antibodies are based on the discoveries and inventions of Prof. Ofer Mandelboim from the Hebrew University and Prof. Stipan Jonjic from the University of Rijeka. Integra Holdings & Yissum are the key shareholders.


Dr. Guy Cinamon VP R&D
Dr. Pini Tsukerman CSO
Mr. Anas Atieh Lab manager
Dr. Akram Obiedat Senior Scientist 

Portfolio - Current Residents - Bio-Fence


Bio-Fence is developing a novel anti-microbial organic polymer that can be incorporated into a variety of commercial coatings found in food sites, providing them with the features of a biocide. Originally developed by LSRI (Life Science Research Israel) to protect armed vehicles against anthrax, the company's highly reactive polymer can eliminate up to 99.999% of hazardous pathogens on these surfaces, dramatically reducing their risk of toxicity. It is safe, highly active, low cost, stable, and can be regenerated easily.


Mr. Ofer Shoham  CEO
Dr. Maria Hitrik  CTO
Mr. Yaniv Binyamin COO
Dr. Yitzhak Wolanov R&D Manager
Dr. Sanaa Halil Senior Chemist
Dr. Pinchas Zeraviv Synthesis Specialist
Ms. Naama Ben-Meir Coating Specialist
Mr. John Watkinson  Consultant
Ms. Lujain Abd Allatif Student Researcher

Portfolio - Current Residents - MAO FoodTech


MAO FoodTech is developing a home diagnostic device that will enable the breastfeeding mother to analyze her breast milk in real time, providing her with information regarding the nutritional composition of her milk. With this information, the mother is empowered to make informed decisions regarding her and her infant's nutrition. In addition, the device is able to pick up on immunological biomarkers which can alert the mother to a developing illness.  


Ms. Maya Ashkenazi CEO & Co-founder
Mr. Chaim Zegerman CSO
Dr. Ariel Orbach CTO  & Co-founder
Mr. Eli Lerner COO & Co-founder
Ms. Yuval Appelbaum Biotechnology Engineer

Portfolio - Current Residents - Genetika+


Genetika+ specializes in personalized treatment for individuals suffering from depression. The company is developing the first cellular and genetic-based platform to provide meaningful predictions of patient responses to anti-depressants, in order to identify each person's optimal treatment regimen more rapidly and accurately.


Dr. Talia Cohen Solal  CEO
Dr. Daphna Laifenfeld   CSO
Dr. Erez Nitzan  VP R&D
Dr. Shiri Ron Senior Scientist 
Dr. Yishai Avior Senior Scientist
Ms. Dana Kroitorou Research Associate
Ms. Lena Kreines Student Researcher

Portfolio - Current Residents - Omnix medical


Omnix Medical founded in 2015, is developing novel antibiotic agents for the treatment of hospital-acquired infections involving drug resistant bacteria. Omnix’s technology is based on natural antimicrobial peptides, biochemically engineered to be compatible for therapeutic applications. Omnix’s lead molecule, OMN6, employs a unique mechanism of action, representing a new antibiotic class, characterized by a rapid-bactericidal effect. OMN6 was found to be active irrespective of resistance to other antibiotic drugs, and thus, offers a safer more efficient alternative to current therapies.


Dr. Moshik Cohen-Kutner  Co-Founder & CEO
Dr. Niv Bachnoff  Co-Founder & CSO
Mr. Rom Lakritz  CPA, Co-Founder & CFO/COO
Ms. Shira Merchavia  M.Sc, Senior Scientist
Ms. Janna Michaeli  M.Sc, Senior Scientist
Ms. Miri Kocherski  M.Sc, Researcher
Ms. Esti Rotshtein  B.A, Operations Manager

Portfolio - Current Residents - EggXYt


eggXYt’s mission is to enable a sustainable future in the livestock industry. The company’s technology non-invasively detects the gender of chick embryos immediately after the eggs are laid. Pre-incubation sex detection prevents seven billion male chicks from being unnecessarily hatched and disposed of each year. It saves the industry billions of dollars on unnecessary incubation, human labor for sex detection, and costs of feed in the broiler industry, and adds more than seven billion non-incubated eggs to the global supply.


Professor Daniel Offen  Co-Founder & CSO
Mr. Yehuda Elram  Co Founder & CEO
Dr. Yuval Levi Peretz Senior Research Scientist
Mr. Gal Lin Director of Business Development
Ms. Yirat Henshke Research Assistant